Small Update & Future Plans

The past few months have been super busy for me and I am now just realizing that we are in November and that I haven't written a blog post since September! But here I am now doing a small update post on what I've been up to and some blog posts that will be coming to you in the future, taking into consideration that people are still reading my blog.

Currently I have two part-time jobs along with doing freelance graphic design on the side. Being an adult is hard work but I love the jobs that I have! The holiday season is upon us so I have been working every day between my jobs, that I have neglected my blog and designing stuff for myself. Aside from working every day I did manage to go to a few events at the end of September and during October. At the end of September I attended the Just For Laughs 42 Comedy Festival in Toronto. I was able to see some of the comedians I listen to like Iliza Shlesinger, Grace Helbig, Miranda Sings, and Pete Holmes. You might know some of those names, but if not give them a listen. Iliza Shlesinger has two Netflix Originals on Netflix (I recommend Freezing Hot). Grace Helbig has her own Youtube Channel, along with her Not Too Deep podcast. Miranda Sings is also a Youtuber. And last but not least Pete Holmes is a comedian and also has his own podcast titled You Made It Weird. I had never been to this comedy festival before but am so glad I was able to make it this year and that there were comedians that I actually knew that would be having sets.

The weekend after this all happened I was also able to go to the Taylor Swift concert in Toronto. I wasn't a huge Taylor Swift fan before, but something about her latest album 1989 transformed me into liking her music. I know everyone has their own opinions about her but holy does she put on a great show! I've listened to that album several times so I knew all the songs and went with a group of friends which made it a really great experience and am so glad that I was able to go.

The latest event I was able to attend was the Buffer Festival Gala. This is a Youtube event that has been held in Toronto the past three years. Sadly I couldn't attend any shows this year, but a friend was able to get a few free tickets to the Gala from her school and invited another friend and I along. It was a night to dress up and to see some video premieres from some Youtube Creators that were guests of Buffer Festival. Even though I couldn't attend any shows I'm thankful I was able to attend the Gala.

With being so busy some of my goals for the upcoming weeks/month are to have a few more blog posts posted and to have a few holiday designs posted on my Redbubble.

Some blog posts you can look forward to seeing from me are:

  • Getting Into Podcast Listening
  • Movie Edition Book Covers
  • Book Reviews
  • Blog Post Ideas

I am excited to get back into blogging and hope you (if there is any of you) are excited as well!