Making A Redbubble Account

These past few weeks I have started to get back into designing things for fun. During the past few years I've mainly just kept to designing for school projects and for work but have finally now been really inspired to design for fun. I've been wanting to start designing again but never had any ideas on what to do. And now for some odd reason I've made about 5 new designs! Inspiration works in mystery ways.

With all these new designs in tow I've decided to create a Redbubble account/store. Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists and designers can upload their work to their website and have it printed on multiple high-quality products. It's really easy as they do all the work for you. From actually printing the product onto the material to sending it out. Now obviously by selling your work this way you won't get all of the profit but you can easily determine the percentage of what you make from each item sold. The higher the markup the higher the price of the image will be.

Some examples of my designs and the products you can get them printed are I've shown above. They have phone cases, pillows, baseball tees, and so much more on their website.

There are so many other websites out there like Redbubble and you can find some really neat artists on these websites which is nice. I highly recommend that if you're a designer who wants to sell their work but isn't quite sure how you would be able to do it to give Redbubble a chance. At least for starters anyways. As it can help you make some extra money while you work on other stuff or even save up to be able to sell the stuff yourself to make a full profit. Using a website like this can also help you see what designs of yours are most popular and what products sell the best.

Feel free to check out my Redbubble Account and maybe even buy something that you like. I'll be adding more stuff to it in the future so keep a look out on my Twitter for updates.

Also, if you want let me know down in the comments if you're using Redbubble and how you like it. Or if you use a similar website to Redbubble and what you think of it.