Looking Back On My 2015 Goals

First off, happy new year everybody! And now that the last year has ended it comes the time to look back at my goals of 2015 and see if I accomplished any and see what goals I can either carry on to the new year or just make new goals.

Learn To Crochet
This seemed like a great goal for me at the time of creating my list as I was home for Christmas break and randomly took up crocheting after spending time with my cousin who had taken it up herself. My mom taught me the basics of crocheting, but I had wanted to do more on my own. Sadly, I didn't really get much farther than I had the night I started. Maybe not next year but eventually I'll teach myself how to crochet and stick to it. I would love to crochet a blanket one day and be able to say that I made it.

Crochet An Infinity Scarf
Obviously this only applies if I end up learning to crochet which reading my last goal you can tell I didn't. One day I will though!

Start A Blog
One of my goals was to start a blog which what-do-you-know I successfully accomplished. Along with creating myself a website to go along with it. Pretty easy goal to accomplish but it's sometimes hard to keep up with.

Make Calendars
I didn't make more than one calendar this year but I did make a calendar. Back in 2013 I had made and given my dad a calendar for Christmas for the year of 2014, but once the next Christmas came around I hadn't made him one for 2015. Which he told me he was looking forward to. Now this goal kind of ties into my next goal coming up with taking pictures. I hadn't made him a calendar for 2015 because I simply hadn't taken a lot of pictures during the past year and didn't want to reuse images. So all during 2015 I took more photographs so that I could make my dad a calendar for 2016, which turned out amazing by the way!

Take More Photographs
By reading my last goal about calendars I explained how I took more pictures in 2015. Which I am so happy with. Lugging around a Digital SLR is tough sometimes but the photos I took turned out beautiful and well worth it. The early early mornings I woke up to take pictures of sunsets over mountains and over the Niagara Falls (posted in a previous post here and here) were totally worth it because I put them in the calendar for my dad and they looked amazing.

Start Making Designs For Prints Etc.
This goal was fun as I had always wanted to make a Redbubble account (here) and sell some designs without having the hassle of producing the products myself. Once I got into the groove of making designs I managed to pop out 7 designs within a few days. I have a list of things I want to add soon, which I want to start working on in the next few weeks. I'm glad I made this my goal and am happy to say I have some great success with my shop.

Start Using Flickr Again
This also kind of ties into my "take more photographs" goal as once I took more pictures I added them to my Flickr account to get more use out of it since I've had my account for years and kind of stopped using it.

Looking back at these goals I'm happy to say that I completed almost all of them. Now with the new year already have started I have already started a new list of goals, which I'm hoping I can look back on at the end of this year and say that I completed them all.

My 2016 Goals:

  • try and stick with a blog schedule
  • keep staying creative and designing
  • keep taking more photos (maybe with film)
  • read 25 books
  • meet a french bulldog

Some goals on my list are almost reminders to myself. Like to keep to using my blog and to keep designing. Last year seemed to go by super quick with work and everything (excuses I know) so not keeping up with my blog and designing was all just put on hold really. I also snuck in the goal to meet a french bulldog this year. French bulldogs are probably one of my top 5 favourite dog breeds and one day I would love to own one, but for now I might want to actually meet one first.

I'll probably add more goals to my list as I start thinking of them but right now that's my list so far. Let me know in the comments if we share any goals or share any goals you have for yourself in 2016!