First Few Months With A Fitbit!

For Christmas this past year I was gifted with a Fitbit Charge HR. If you read my previous blog post listing some things I wanted for Christmas you would have seen that this type of Fitbit was on my list. I am now going into my fifth month with having constantly worn my Fitbit. With that being said I thought I would do a little review based on some of the features that this Fitbit is known for.

PurePulse™ Heart Rate:
Get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate & simplified heart rate zones.

The heart rate part of this Fitbit is one of the main reasons why I wanted it. I find sometimes I do seem to get anxious and my heart seems to race a little bit, but I then start to think if that's just my brain tricking me into thinking that my heart is beating faster than normal because of anxiety or just because of no reason. Overall, I am also just curious to see how my heart beats throughout my day depending on what I'm doing. When I first got my Fitbit I started annoying my family with always looking at it but of course now that I've had it for a while I rarely look at it unless it's after I sync for the day or did a bit of walking and want to see where my heart is at.

Not 100% sure how accurate this feature really is, but for my fast walking and retail job I find that it does it's job when I know my heart is working extra hard.

Workouts + All-Day Activity:
Track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes & steps.

I'll be honest. I'm not a huge workout person. So the "workouts" part of this feature doesn't really apply to me. But for all-day activity everything works pretty well. Like I've mentioned before I'm a curious person as to why I wanted a Fitbit. It's cool to see how many floors I've climbed and the real distance of all my walking for the day as taken me. A neat little feature that Fitbit has is giving users badges when they hit certain accomplishments.

Caller Id + Watch:
See daily stats & time of day, and get call notifications with compatible devices.

Another main reason I had wanted the Fitbit Charge HR was that it had a watch included in it. As I work every day I was always wearing a watch and didn't want to loose having the time on me for counting my steps. Now it came to a surprise to me when one day I was getting a phone call on my cell phone and my Fitbit started buzzing and on the LED display it showed the name of the person calling me on my phone. I usually have the Caller Id feature turned off as I have Bluetooth turned off on my phone unless I'm syncing my Fitbit.

Wireless Syncing:
Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to leading smartphones and computers.

Nothing much to say about this feature as my Fitbit just syncs wirelessly through Bluetooth with the app on my phone. Haven't had any problems with it.

Exercise Mode:
Record workouts to get real-time stats & see post-workout summaries.

Like I mentioned before I'm not a huge workout person so this feature doesn't apply to me.

Long Battery Life:
Lasts longer than competing trackers with a battery life up to 5 days.

When I first got my Fitbit HR I found it would only last maybe 2-3 days. This has changed though since I don't have "Quick View", "All-Day Sync", and my Bluetooth turned off. After reading up on the Fitbit battery online I read that these features can drain your battery. With having just those three features off I find my battery life is 5 days. Even when I first get the notification that my battery is low I wear my Fitbit for the rest of the day and then charge it before bed.

Auto Sleep + Alarms:
Monitor your sleep automatically & set a silent alarm.

Monitoring my sleep is also a neat reason why I wanted the Fitbit HR. I always find I'm waking up, and tossing and turning while sleeping. With my Fitbit I can now see how many times I was restless. Which right now is a lot! Knowing this I want to try and get a good full nights rest. By doing this I'm looking at my night time routine. As in, watching tv before bed and even having the tv on to fall asleep too.


In conclusion, I love my Fitbit Charge HR and am so happy I have it. I have 8 other friends and family members who have Fitbits and are my friends in the app. My friend Avery and I are constantly doing Workweek Hustle challenges. And my cousin Taylor is always inviting me to challenges with all her friends. Doing challenges with friends also encourages me to step up my game and get some more steps in before the day is done.