July Summer Update

So much for keeping up with my blog. I promise from now on that I will get better at it! July has been a pretty busy month for me which has in turn made this month go by really quick.

First, at the beginning of July I flew back to my hometown of Thunder Bay for a week-ish long visit. I mainly went back home to take my final driving test so that I could have my full G license and not worry anymore about it. I am happy to say that I passed! I had a lot of anxiety with driving and getting my G2 license, but am now so happy I overcame it and now don't have to worry about the whole graduating license system. I also took the time in this visit to spend time with my family. Which I loved because I especially hadn't seen my grandparents since Christmas! My grandma and I also finally got to make homemade funnel cakes (which were so delicious!) and I picked some strawberries from my grandpa's garden. While I was home I also did take a lot of photographs since Thunder Bay is located basically in the middle of nowhere in Northwestern Ontario it is surrounded by nature. 

This sheep is also cool because my dad and I took a drive to Centennial Park where there are nature trails, children's playgrounds and a little farm. They had a place for sheep and I went over to take pictures of them when this one spotted me and walked right up to me. It was the cutest moment ever and he (or she I'm not sure) even leaned right against the fence so I could pet him. To view the photographs I got of him walking to me you can see them on my Flickr here, along with all the other photographs I took on my visit.

Second, at the end of this month I will be moving out of my basement apartment that I'm living in now and moving to another basement apartment with my friend Lauren in North York (basically the Greater Toronto Area). That means that this week I will be packing all my things up and bringing them to a new place and hope that it all fits! I also wandered around Walmart the other day looking at shoe racks, electric kettles, and floating shelves and started to get really excited about moving.

I'm excited for what the rest of this year as in store for me and I hope to keep up with this blog up as much as I can. I find it fun and it's been getting me into taking photos more which I'm sure you can all tell since most of my posts are my photography adventures since I started this blog.

Thanks for reading!