Did Somebody Say Business Cards?

Once again a long overdue blog post. Basically, several weeks ago I ordered my very first business cards from Moo.com. This was very exciting for me because a lot of my friends have recently made their own business cards and I wanted to finally make some for myself.

I decided to go with Moo as my friend (and fellow graphic designer) Lauren referred them to me. She has purchased her past two sets of business cards through them and when she first gave me one of her business cards I fell in love with the matte finish and thick paper stock. Naturally I had to ask her where she got them made and put a little reminder in my phone about it. The quality of these business cards is amazing. Plus Moo gives you a lot of room to be creative with your business cards. They offer standard business cards to mini business cards and so much more (example: flyers, stickers, and postcards)! When making your business cards you are also given the option to print a different image or design on the back of every one. So I could have literally had a different colour behind my logo on all 50 business cards I ordered.

Some of the things I like most about my business cards are that the paper quality is a thicker paper compared to other business cards which is nice because it won't bend so easily and gives my business cards a way to stand out from the crowd. I also really like the option of having a matte finish to them. Sure I like photographs and posters on glossy paper but if I'm being given the option of matte I'll take that first. Something about the nice smooth texture just makes me happy. I am a very tactile person so if a texture is nice under my fingertips I'm happy. The second last thing that I like about my business cards are that I had the option of making them square. If you've read my blog post about the Mamai business cards I designed during my internship you'll know that I designed those as well to be square. I really liked the idea of having a business card that wasn't the standard size and kept in mind I could do that with my own business cards. Being a square business card also gives them a chance to stand out from regular business cards in a pile. I'm also happy with how my rectangular logo looked on a square platform. The last thing I have to say that I like about my business cards are how fast Moo seemed to ship them! I ordered them on May 31 and the estimated delivery date was June 18th but they arrived at my house on June 10th to my surprise. Now do you believe me that this blog post is way overdue.

I also would like to note that all the positive things I've said about the company Moo in this blog post are sincere and I have not been asked to say all these nice things about them. I really do like my business cards this much.

With buying my business cards Moo.com has given me a referral link to share with friends. So click here to get 10% off your next order!