Tiny Book Haul

Back in March I came across a tweet from the Chapters twitter account advertising that new books were just put on sale for a limited time only and the image that was attached featured the not yet released book "You Deserve A Drink: Boozy Misadventures And Tales Of Debauchery" by Youtuber Mamrie Hart. I'm subscribed to Mamrie on Youtube and was excited for her book to come out, so when I saw this I had to see what they had it marked down to! To my surprise the preorder was only $10.26 instead of the list price of $18.00. Which in my opinion is a steal! (Sidenote: Back in October 2014 I got this exact same type of deal from Chapters with Youtuber Grace Helbig's book "Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up".) So of course I saw my great deal opportunity and decided to buy it. Now if you're not familiar with online shopping on the Chapters website they offer free shipping on orders $25+. Which is also another great thing I love about buying books online, great deals and free shipping!

Now obviously I didn't have enough in my Cart to get the free shipping. I also saw this opportunity to finally buy myself the "Looking For Alaska Special 10th Anniversary Edition" by John Green. Looking For Alaska was one of the first books I ever read by John Green and is what got me into reading all the books he's ever written. I was even that person who when his book "The Fault In Our Stars" came out back in 2012 got it the first day it hit stores to try and get a signed copy, as John signed a bunch of copies to be sent out all around the world. In result, I got a signed copy of TFiOS. But that's beside the point. When I first bought LFA (back in 2009 as that's what the receipt that's still inside it says) the only copy I could find was one with a girl on the cover and not the standard candle smoke cover that I wanted. And if you're a picky book lover like me you know that this kind of bugged me. But nevertheless I bought that cover and read it. Now when this cover came out for the 10th anniversary I was so hesitant because I already had the book, but this one does come with a some bonus content plus the new cover was really nice and it was an anniversary edition. So like I mentioned before I saw this as an opportunity to get it. Plus, I would rather spend my money on books I know I will use and read than on dumb things I will only ever use once.

Since Mamrie's book was a preorder and wouldn't be released until May 26 (which is the day I also received them) I had to wait to get both books at the same time. Which didn't bother me at all because it was a great surprise and with how quick those two months went by it doesn't feel like any time passed. My plan now is to read both books and hopefully give you guys a review on each book. I have read Looking For Alaska before but it has been years and I've read so many books since then that I've forgotten really how the story goes. I still remember the main goings-on of the book but still want to reread it.

Feel free to tell me if you've read either of these books and what you thought of them!

Also feel free to check me out on Goodreads, where I have a huge list of books I've read and an even bigger list of books I want to read.