My Trip To St. Catharines

Last month I made plans with my Aunt who lives in St. Catharines (Ontario) to get together for a weekend and have some photography adventures. I didn't realize how into photography my Aunt was until she joined Instagram and she kept posting her photos. Another goal of mine for this year was to start taking more photographs as back before I wanted to be a graphic designer I wanted to be a photographer. Recently I also got a Canon Rebel T5i as an early graduation gift from my parents. I had a Canon Rebel XS for the past six years and was in need of a camera upgrade. So this was a perfect way to truly get some photographs taken and be able to use my new camera.

The first photograph posted is of a Great Blue Heron that we saw at Charles Daley Park, which is located just outside of St. Catharines. Now if you're from Ontario/Canada and are familiar with the cities surrounding Niagara Falls you will know that St. Catharines is also just a nice drive to Niagara Falls. The second picture is something I probably wouldn't have taken if my Aunt hadn't suggested we get up at 5am Saturday morning to take pictures of the sun rising over Niagara Falls. At first I was hesitant of getting up at 5am but knew that I would probably regret it if I didn't, and boy would I have. Because since we got up so early to go take pictures of Niagara Falls we also made a few stops on our way home through a part of Niagara Falls called "Niagara-on-the-Lake". Which is a nice part of Niagara Falls (as far as I know it's a part of it) that has beautiful parks, walking paths, and touristy areas along the river that also borders the U.S. One of the places we stopped was Queenston Heights Park. Which is a beautiful park that is the site of the War of 1812's Battle of Queenston Heights. The park is beautiful and has many trees, a concert stage, and picnic areas. As well as tulip beds around the main entrance of the park as well as surrounding the memorial they have for the War of 1812. Which is where I got my third image of the tulips from. I am a huge sucker for tulips. I don't know why but tulips are one of my favourite flowers, and these ones don't disappoint. All of them were the different vibrant colours of orange like in the photo and just opening up.

Another place we managed to stop at, and at a great time too, was the Welland Canals. The Welland Canals are the boat locks where ships are able to travel down to the the lake as point A is a different water level than point B. I probably didn't explain that very well, but I remember learning about it in school and to me it was a cool experience to see the last lock open up and a giant ship come through. That's what I'm talking about us stopping at a great time! Because a ship was already in the lock waiting to be released.

I really enjoyed my time catching up with my family in St. Catharines and am so happy they made the time to have me over a weekend. Also that my Aunt was willing to take me to so many amazing photography locations throughout the time there. To view more photos from my trip you can view them on my Flickr here.

Let me know if you've ever been in the Niagara Falls area and what your favourite place to visit is! If you've never been to Niagara Falls let me know what other natural landmark you've been to and what you enjoyed about them.