Creations Come To Life: Mamai

For the past almost three months I have been interning at a design studio in Toronto. Last month my boss gave me a project to do with another intern. The project was to create a stationery set (business card, letterhead, envelope) for a clothing designer, Gemma Capone, who goes by Mamai. We were to design two designs each to send to the designer and then she would choose what one she wanted to use to brand herself. When my boss first forwarded me the email from Gemma with examples of design styles she liked I knew I was going to do well with this project, as the images she sent over were similar to my style and designs that I was drawn to. Now obviously since I am writing this I am sure you can come to the conclusion as to who's design she chose. When my boss told me she liked mine I was really happy with myself. Before my internship I had only really designed stuff for myself and for school projects. I never really had designed something for someone to use before, so knowing something I created was going to be used out in the world was an amazing feeling.

When I came into work one day my boss handed me the business card I had designed and it was cool to see it actually printed. I am so happy with how it turned out and of course so happy it was chosen. It's just a really simple and clean design. The lines in the design are angled off of the A's within the Mamai logo. After going over it with my boss we decided to try adding the dots at the end to almost create a constellation design. As you can also see the business card isn't your standard business card size but a complete square. Which I really like and might even try to do for my own business card.

Keep a look out for more posts about stuff I've designed and also check out my Behance, which is full of projects I've done for school and soon work from my internship.