Friday Favourites

Decided that my first real post will be a Friday Favourites. I always love when bloggers do a round-up of their favourites for the week. Here's mine:

Saw this Floral Tardis Watercolour print on Tumblr this week. I've been getting into Doctor Who and this print is really well done in my opinion. Might have to purchase this for myself in the future.

Watched John Green's Vlogbrothers video from this week. In the video he talks about how a the "quote" from his book Paper Towns isn't even a quote from the book, but is always associated with it and how he was made to believe it actually was in the book. 

Even though this came out last Friday I watched it this week and I was never a big Taylor Swift fan before but her 1989 album is actually really good. Here's Taylor Swift's music video for Style.

 Found this beautiful image on Tumblr. I love the images where type is interacting with floral illustrations or photographs. Also I like the quote that is featured.

 I am in love with the whole Lush bath bomb photography phase happening right now on Tumblr. I have been a huge fan of Lush and their bath bombs for years now. Makes me sad that my apartment now doesn't have a bath, but next apartment I rent I want there to be a bath. (Featured: Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb. Also not my image)

And last but not least!

I got a parcel from my grandparents yesterday and one of the items was this Disney Winnie the Pooh watch. The story behind this is that my grandma has one similar (Winnie the Pooh but on a blustery day with leaves instead of a honey pot for the minute hand, along with leaves etched on the leather strap) and was going to give it to me, but sadly the watch stopped working and wasn't worth it to fix. So to my surprise she found this similar one online and sent it to me along with a bunch of other little goodies. Clearly I'll always be a child at heart.

That wraps up my first "Friday Favourites" post. Hope it was worth the read.