Hello There!

I'm Abby Kanary, a graphic designer who also enjoys photography and blogging.

Growing up I was always into art and photography. My first real memory of doing something graphic design related is back in elementary school when my teachers would get all us students to make different cover pages for our subjects. Mind you we had to do everything by hand with crayons and pencil crayons, it would have been so much easier doing it on a computer! I always loved making different cover pages for every subject and being the little perfectionist I was back then I always had so many different versions because I always wanted it to look perfect. Then growing up I never really thought about going into an art field in college, because I personally don't think I'm the best at drawing. It wasn't until I took a Media Arts class in high school that I learned that Graphic Design was actually a program I could take in college and have as a career. I loved my media arts class and loved that I could further my education and make a career out of it.

When you first think of graphic design you don't really think about all the different things you can do with it. Since the first things you think about are mainly posters and maybe a business card. But in reality graphic designers design so much more! My favourite things to design are anything editorial and stationery.