Making A Redbubble Account

These past few weeks I have started to get back into designing things for fun. During the past few years I've mainly just kept to designing for school projects and for work but have finally now been really inspired to design for fun. I've been wanting to start designing again but never had any ideas on what to do. And now for some odd reason I've made about 5 new designs! Inspiration works in mystery ways.

With all these new designs in tow I've decided to create a Redbubble account/store. Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists and designers can upload their work to their website and have it printed on multiple high-quality products. It's really easy as they do all the work for you. From actually printing the product onto the material to sending it out. Now obviously by selling your work this way you won't get all of the profit but you can easily determine the percentage of what you make from each item sold. The higher the markup the higher the price of the image will be.

Some examples of my designs and the products you can get them printed are I've shown above. They have phone cases, pillows, baseball tees, and so much more on their website.

There are so many other websites out there like Redbubble and you can find some really neat artists on these websites which is nice. I highly recommend that if you're a designer who wants to sell their work but isn't quite sure how you would be able to do it to give Redbubble a chance. At least for starters anyways. As it can help you make some extra money while you work on other stuff or even save up to be able to sell the stuff yourself to make a full profit. Using a website like this can also help you see what designs of yours are most popular and what products sell the best.

Feel free to check out my Redbubble Account and maybe even buy something that you like. I'll be adding more stuff to it in the future so keep a look out on my Twitter for updates.

Also, if you want let me know down in the comments if you're using Redbubble and how you like it. Or if you use a similar website to Redbubble and what you think of it.


July Summer Update

So much for keeping up with my blog. I promise from now on that I will get better at it! July has been a pretty busy month for me which has in turn made this month go by really quick.

First, at the beginning of July I flew back to my hometown of Thunder Bay for a week-ish long visit. I mainly went back home to take my final driving test so that I could have my full G license and not worry anymore about it. I am happy to say that I passed! I had a lot of anxiety with driving and getting my G2 license, but am now so happy I overcame it and now don't have to worry about the whole graduating license system. I also took the time in this visit to spend time with my family. Which I loved because I especially hadn't seen my grandparents since Christmas! My grandma and I also finally got to make homemade funnel cakes (which were so delicious!) and I picked some strawberries from my grandpa's garden. While I was home I also did take a lot of photographs since Thunder Bay is located basically in the middle of nowhere in Northwestern Ontario it is surrounded by nature. 

This sheep is also cool because my dad and I took a drive to Centennial Park where there are nature trails, children's playgrounds and a little farm. They had a place for sheep and I went over to take pictures of them when this one spotted me and walked right up to me. It was the cutest moment ever and he (or she I'm not sure) even leaned right against the fence so I could pet him. To view the photographs I got of him walking to me you can see them on my Flickr here, along with all the other photographs I took on my visit.

Second, at the end of this month I will be moving out of my basement apartment that I'm living in now and moving to another basement apartment with my friend Lauren in North York (basically the Greater Toronto Area). That means that this week I will be packing all my things up and bringing them to a new place and hope that it all fits! I also wandered around Walmart the other day looking at shoe racks, electric kettles, and floating shelves and started to get really excited about moving.

I'm excited for what the rest of this year as in store for me and I hope to keep up with this blog up as much as I can. I find it fun and it's been getting me into taking photos more which I'm sure you can all tell since most of my posts are my photography adventures since I started this blog.

Thanks for reading!

Did Somebody Say Business Cards?

Once again a long overdue blog post. Basically, several weeks ago I ordered my very first business cards from This was very exciting for me because a lot of my friends have recently made their own business cards and I wanted to finally make some for myself.

I decided to go with Moo as my friend (and fellow graphic designer) Lauren referred them to me. She has purchased her past two sets of business cards through them and when she first gave me one of her business cards I fell in love with the matte finish and thick paper stock. Naturally I had to ask her where she got them made and put a little reminder in my phone about it. The quality of these business cards is amazing. Plus Moo gives you a lot of room to be creative with your business cards. They offer standard business cards to mini business cards and so much more (example: flyers, stickers, and postcards)! When making your business cards you are also given the option to print a different image or design on the back of every one. So I could have literally had a different colour behind my logo on all 50 business cards I ordered.

Some of the things I like most about my business cards are that the paper quality is a thicker paper compared to other business cards which is nice because it won't bend so easily and gives my business cards a way to stand out from the crowd. I also really like the option of having a matte finish to them. Sure I like photographs and posters on glossy paper but if I'm being given the option of matte I'll take that first. Something about the nice smooth texture just makes me happy. I am a very tactile person so if a texture is nice under my fingertips I'm happy. The second last thing that I like about my business cards are that I had the option of making them square. If you've read my blog post about the Mamai business cards I designed during my internship you'll know that I designed those as well to be square. I really liked the idea of having a business card that wasn't the standard size and kept in mind I could do that with my own business cards. Being a square business card also gives them a chance to stand out from regular business cards in a pile. I'm also happy with how my rectangular logo looked on a square platform. The last thing I have to say that I like about my business cards are how fast Moo seemed to ship them! I ordered them on May 31 and the estimated delivery date was June 18th but they arrived at my house on June 10th to my surprise. Now do you believe me that this blog post is way overdue.

I also would like to note that all the positive things I've said about the company Moo in this blog post are sincere and I have not been asked to say all these nice things about them. I really do like my business cards this much.

With buying my business cards has given me a referral link to share with friends. So click here to get 10% off your next order!

Royal Ontario Museum: Pompeii

During my parents stay last week we didn't end up using all of the locations in our Toronto CityPASS. One of the ones we didn't use was for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Seeing as we visited the ROM back in April when my parents came to visit we didn't think we needed to go again. But after my parents left to go back home I found out that the ROM was putting on an exhibit all about Pompeii. My parents had given me the left over CityPASS tickets so I decided to invite three of my friends to come along with me to see this exhibit. It was an extra $10 to get into the exhibit, but we did save money on buying general admission prices by using the CityPASS.

* Please note that this blog post is very photograph heavy

The Pompeii exhibit was full of history and so much information about the city of Pompeii. One of my favourite things during the exhibit was all the marble busts they had on display. I am always amazed with how much detail is put into the creation of the facial features and hairstyles. I am also amazed by how much information historians can get out of the style of these portraits. For example, the first photograph shows a marble bust that is said "radiates the aura of an imperial princess". The second male bust is said to be of a "middle-aged man, proud of his achievements," all of that just comes from the way his head is turned and how determined his expression looks. The last photograph shows Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility.  The picture I've chosen don't even show that much of how detail went into showing her hairstyle. Feel free to click each image to get a closer look.

Going back to my amazement of the people back 2,000 years ago the picture on the left shows the water heating system for the people of Pompeii. There were many different examples of things that the people came up with to better their daily lives. For example, they had samples of different cookware and bakeware that were used and that were quite similar to stuff we still use today to cook and bake with. It is amazing to see that we still use contraptions like this in our everyday lives now. Mind you our water heating system doesn't look like that anymore. Now the picture to the right is just something I found funny. Apparently drinking cups with humorous faces were common in the region of Pompeii. As a girl who has a lot of unique drinking mugs I loved seeing this mug that was used thousands of years ago.

These two photographs shown above are just things that I found pretty. The top photo is of a floor mosaic found in Pompeii. It is said that the craftsman used a lot of tiny cubes of different colour local stone to create this floor tile. The bottom photograph is of a silver mirror that a wealthy Pompeian would have owned. The detail of the tiny cupids on the back of the mirror are just so beautiful to me. You definitely don't see craftsmanship like that too often nowadays.

Now the information about the glasses shown above is quite amazing. It is said that these glasses were not melted by the destruction of Pompeii but because they were most likely trapped somewhere with a more intense heat. Roman glass melts at around 800-1000°C but the archaeologists and geologists believe that the heat that hit Pompeii reached no more than 300°C.

Now this is where it gets truly devastating. Pompeii is said to have had a population of around 12,000 but archaeologists have only discovered 1,150 bodies. The four images shown above are some of the plaster casts archaeologists have made from the remains found of the people of Pompeii. The stories that are shared of who these people could have been is saddening. The first is of a man who was discovered by a latrine in Pompeii, while the second man is one who is said to have been sleeping while all of this was going on. The bottom left image is of three fugitives who were trying to seek shelter when the pyroclastic surge happened. (A pyroclastic surge is a fluidized mass of turbulent gas and rock fragments which is ejected during some volcanic eruptions.) The bottom right image is said to have been of a family who where also trying to seek shelter from the pyroclastic surge but couldn't escape it and tried covering their faces.

Overall, this exhibit was very eye-opening and gave me a little bit more insight on what Pompeii was as a city and about the natural disaster that was a volcano that ended the city. I encourage anybody who wants to check this exhibit out to do so. More information can be found on the ROM website here. I am someone who read every single caption to every single artifact, well almost every single one, and must say the history is so amazing to learn about. Like I mentioned before it still amazes me how much information historians, archaeologists, and geologists can get out of ruins and simple pieces of artwork found.

Have you seen the Pompeii exhibit at the ROM? What was your favourite part?